In Loving Memory of Brian Curtin

Our YVCOG team lost a friend and a colleague earlier this week. Long-time planner Brian Curtin passed away Monday in Seattle.

I believe Brian was our longest-serving employee when he passed. His duties included working on our transportation improvement plans, commute trip reduction (CTR) efforts, and congestion mitigation & air quality program. He also briefly served as the interim executive director during a leadership transition.

I appreciated Brian’s efforts organizing and marketing Bike to Work events under our CTR program. We didn’t attract many bike riders during a Bike to Work celebration last fall, so Brian and I had a gallon of coffee and a large sheet cake mostly to ourselves… We got a lot of strange looks from our COG co-workers when we returned to the office later that morning and our productivity shot up (followed by the need for a siesta shortly thereafter).

We’ve placed a memory book in Brian’s office that we’ll give to his wife Carrie at a later date. If you’d like to write a memory or put a photo in the book, please stop by. His family has told us that no memorial service is planned.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Carrie and their children as they grieve the loss of their husband and father.

Larry Mattson
Executive Director