Strategic Visioning Facilitation

Who benefits from Strategic Visioning?

The benefits start at the top and flows throughout all staff coming back around to the top. STRATEGIC VISIONING is a continuous cycle that benefits everyone. Having a grounds and maintenance employee, who was not part of the STRATEGIC VISIONING process, be able to say, “WE have a purpose here in the valley to have parks a place that families want to bring their kids”; really means, ‘I mow, trim, clean the restrooms because I’m an important part of meeting our goal to have our parks a place families want to visit. Think of the effects if ALL of your staff understood the goals of your organization and how their job contributed to reaching that goal.

What is it?

Strategic Visioning is the process of planning through the use of visualization tools. The process involves ALL participants through an interactive approach to allow each person to be heard and to have equal importance that leads to a unified outcome for the future.

Why use Strategic Visioning?

Strategic Visioning gives participants a visual record that can be shared with all stakeholders for an understanding of the goals of the organization. Having a clear understanding and unified goal provides staff, under the decision makers, a clear objective with the knowledge of how they are an integrate part of the organization’s success.

When should you go through this process?

Strategic Visioning takes on many different forms depending on your need. One size does not fit all. Anytime you have a change in key decision makers could be an opportunity your organization decides a full STRATEGIC VISIONING process is necessary. Having a change in lead staff may not be necessary. You decide.

A few brief benefits to Strategic Visioning:

  • Team Building
  • Planning for the Future
  • Goal Setting
  • Budgeting Tool
  • Providing a Safe Open Communication Opportunity

We recommend the full process every 3 years with ‘check-ups’ once a year.

Why use YVCOG to facilitate?

Executive Director, Larry Mattson and Deputy Director, Chris Wickenhagen are experienced facilitators in Strategic Visioning. Strategic Visioning is a new service being offered through COG.

Using an outside facilitator allows you and your organization to be guided through a process that allows all of your key decision makers and lead staff to participate in the strategic planning process. As outside facilitators, we will not try to sway the group’s decisions one way or the other. We are completely objective and only want your organization and this process to be successful.

As a Regional Conference of Governments, we know our valley. We understand that each city has its own identity and how important it is to maintain your identity. We are your own personal cheerleaders, rooting for your success now and in the future!