Transportation Planning

YVCOG is the designated Metropolitan Planning Organization and Regional Transportation Planning Organization for Yakima County. We are the lead planning agency and fiscal agent for development of our region’s transportation plans. YVCOG provides a forum for discussing and evaluating regional transportation issues.

Transportation Programs and Plans

Annual Report – State Fiscal Year ending June 30
SFY Report 2020 SFY Report 2019
SFY Report 2018 SFY Report 2017
CTR – Commute Trip Reduction
CTR Program Information Contact, 509-759-7989
HSTP – Human Services Transportation Plan
2018 HSTP with Appendices 2018 HSTP no Appendices
ITS Architecture – Intelligent Transportation Systems
2020 MPO ITS Update 2019 MPO ITS Update
LRTP – Long Range Transportation Plan
YVCOG 2020-2045 LRTP YVCOG 2016-2040 LRTP
M-RTIP 2021-2024: Metropolitan-Regional Transportation Improvement Program
2021-2024 M-RTIP, rev 110520
January 2021 Amendment
M-RTIP 2020-2023: Metropolitan-Regional Transportation Improvement Program
M-RTIP 2020-2023
October 2020 Amendment September 2020 Amendment
July 2020 Amendment June 2020 Amendment
May 2020 Amendment March 2020 Amendment
February 2020 Amendment January 2020 Amendment
M-RTIP 2019-2022: Metropolitan-Regional Transportation Improvement Program
M-RTIP 2019-2022
M-RTIP 2018-2021: Metropolitan-Regional Transportation Improvement Program
M-RTIP 2018-2021
Obligation & Closure Report by Calendar Year
2019 2018
2017 2016
PPP – Public Participation Plan M-RTIP
2019 M-RTIP Public Participation Plan 2019 M-RTIP Plan de Participación Pública
Title VI
YVCOG 2019 Title VI Plan
UPWP – Unified Planning Work Program for State Fiscal Year ending June 30
YVCOG SFY 2021 UPWP, Amended YVCOG SFY 2020 UPWP, Amended
East-West Passenger Rail for WA State Call for Projects Consolidated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation English Spanish