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                                    OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE

Annual Listing of the Obligated and Closed Projects

for the MPO Area FY2013

The YVCOG Fiscal Year 2013 Obligation and Closure Report is a compilation of all federally funded transportation projects within Yakima County's metropolitan and regional area authorized or revised to increase obligations in Federal Fiscal Year 2013.  The drafting of this report is to satisfy the requirements identified in 23 CFR 450.332 as:

  • In the MPO area, on an annual basis, no later than 90 calendar days, following the end of the program year, the State, public transportation operators and the MPO shall develop a listing of projects

  • The listing shall be prepared in accordance with 23 CFR 450.314(a) [agreement on the responsibilities for the development of the annual listing of obligated projects] and shall include:

    • all federally funded projects authorized or revised to increase obligations in the past year;

    • at a minimum include the TIP information under 23 CFR 450.324(e)(1) [for each project or phase - sufficient descriptive material (i.e., type of work, termini and length) to identify the project or phase];

    • 23 CFR 450.324(e)(4) [lead agency for the project or phase];

    • identify for each project the amount of federal funds requested in the TIP;

    • the federal funding that was obligated during the preceding year;

    • the federal funding remaining and available for subsequent years;

  • The listing shall be published in accordance with your MPO’s public transportation criteria for the TIP (e.g., the internet).

MTIP Amendment Schedule for 2014-2017 (updated 10/08/14)

Transportation Improvement Program

The Yakima Valley Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP/RTIP) is a three year programming document derived from the more comprehensive six year Transportation Improvement Program developed and adopted annually by local agencies.  This three year document is available here. (FINAL 4/25/2012)


Be sure to also review all the information located in the original Regional Transportation Long Range Plan (RTP Update) for related documents and additional information.

Annual Reporting:

The Annual Report details how the Yakima Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the Yakima Valley Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) uses state and federal transportation planning funds.  The current report provides this information for State Fiscal Year 2014(updated 10/21/2014)

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) Improvement Program

CMAQ funds are intended to improve air quality and funds must be spent in non-attainment or maintenance areas.  A non attainment area is an  area formally designated by the EPA as not meeting the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) as listed in the Clean Air Act.  A maintenance area is a location that was previously a non-attainment area but has since become in compliance with the NAAQS and has officially been re-designated to an attainment area by the EPA.  The metropolitan Yakima Valley area, in and around the cities of Selah, Yakima, and Union Gap, are currently designated maintenance areas for both Carbon Monoxide (CO) and particulates of 10 micrometers or less (PM10).  Below are Links to documents pertinent to the CMAQ Improvement Program.

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

The Unified Planning Work Program outlines how state and federal funds will be used for transportation planning purposes by the Yakima Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the Yakima Valley Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO).  Each year the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), Federal Highways Administration, and Federal Transit Administration, have emphasized areas they would like to see included in our work program.  The UPWP for 2013-2014 is available here(Updated 3/27/2014).

Please select this button / link if you wish to review the Regional Transportation Long Range Plan (RTP Update) as published on the previous YVCOG website.



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