CTR – Commute Trip Reduction

What is CTR?

CTR, or Commute Trip Reduction, provides resources to help employers offer transportation choices to their employees. Participating employers work towards achieving drive-alone rate goals tailored to their specific worksite location by supporting the use of transportation alternatives.

Washington’s CTR law emphasizes public/private cooperation, and allows employers to choose the commute incentives they believe will work best for them and their employees. 

In Yakima County, these options are available:
    • Carpool
    • Vanpool
    • Bus / Local Transit Systems
    • Bicycle
    • Walking
    • Or a combination of the above!

CTR Gets Results!

CTR is good for Yakima County! Washington State commuters are taking advantage of alternatives to driving alone.

Many factors influence the commuting choices people make, including the CTR Program. Yet the much higher use of commute alternatives at CTR worksites, compared with other worksites in the Yakima area, makes it clear the CTR Program is working. 

Its network of strong public-private partnerships leverages resources and aligns investments focused on common goals. CTR gets people to work, helps employers thrive, and makes Yakima County’s economy grow.

More Benefits of CTR

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