Member Jurisdictions


Yakima Valley Conference of Governments (YVCOG) plays a unique role throughout the region of Yakima County. We provide a forum for the discussion and study of area-wide problems of mutual interest to the cities and county and to facilitate the development of policies and action recommendations for the solution of such problems. We serve as an integrator of city, county and other stakeholder interests in the region. Over the years, our role has expanded to address a range of issues to improve the quality of life in the region.

Who is the Conference of Governments?

The fifteen jurisdictions in the Yakima Valley form the Yakima Valley Conference of Governments. Established under RCW 36.70.060, the YVCOG is an organization with By-laws and Articles of Association. These By-laws and Articles of Association establish an organization led by an executive committee consisting of elected officials representing the Valley’s electorate.

Member Jurisdictions

Map of YVCOG Member JurisdictionsCity of Grandview, WA
City of Granger, WA
City of Harrah, WA
City of Mabton, WA
City of Moxee, WA
Town of Naches, WA
City of Selah, WA
City of Sunnyside, WA
City of Tieton, WA
City of Toppenish, WA
City of Union Gap, WA
City of Wapato, WA
City of Yakima, WA
City of Zillah, WA
Yakima County


YVCOG is a voluntary association of general and special purpose governments and agencies within Yakima County. Our Organization is supported by county, cities, school districts, utility districts, ports, fire districts, economic development councils, tribal and other non-profit agencies in or near the Yakima County area. Below are the different memberships types available:

GENERAL (Voting): General purpose, local governments within the boundaries of the YVCOG including the county and incorporated cities and towns.

ASSOCIATE (Non-voting): Any public agency or community non-profit organization who, upon approval of the YVCOG Executive Committee, pays an annual membership fee.

AFFILIATE (Non-voting): Any public agency or community non-profit organization outside but near the boundaries of Yakima County for the purposes of participating in a single YVCOG program who pays an annual membership fee.

Governing Documents

YVCOG Bylaws
YVCOG Articles of Association
YVCOG Code of Conduct

Growth through Partnership

As an agency, serving a region where many of its opportunities and challenges are multi-faceted, YVCOG is positioned to engage the collaborative expertise and experience from its different departments. These collaborations help to address the many common yet complex issues that are important to the ongoing economic prosperity and general attractiveness of this region as a place to work and live. This interdisciplinary approach allows YVCOG to better serve its local government members and to be a more effective partner with them. Benefits realized from these collaborations include: more effective use of public dollars and human resources; a more comprehensive analysis of issues and methods for dealing with them; and the incorporation of best practices from multiple sources.

YVCOG will continue to develop partnerships with organizations and industries that have access to or are part of the YVCOG Membership. These partnership will be leveraged to assist the YVCOG in making new connections with desired industries and businesses.

YVCOG  will also continue to reach out to potential partners in membership communities to understand their short and long-term plans and identify and cultivate potential partnership opportunities.